49 The Probability that Human Being Exists:Child of the Miracle #Life

49 The Probability that Human Being Exists:Child of the Miracle #Life

○The probability that one human being exists in the universe is one slash trillion to the fifth power(10^-65).

○In the case of year-end jumbo lottery in Japan 10 million copies are sold in one unit, so if you would buy ten parts, the chance of 1st prize is per million.
○The probability that one human being exists is the same grade as winning 1st prize of the lottery 11 times continuously.
○In an absurd fortunate result, people exist in this world.
○It is "all persons are the children of a miracle."

○By the way, most fortunate person's existence probability on the earth is about 10^-10.
○All persons search for money, honor, and a status.
○I think that it is instinct for survival, or is memorized through social life in the cerebral neural circuit, and is an unavoidable thing.
○However, the difference of the most fortunate person and those who are not so is the difference between winning 1 grade of a Year-End Jumbo lottery 11 times continuously and 13 times continuously. 

○If he is devoted to competition, and pleasure of life is missed, and a feeling shrinks and suicide is committed in the end in order that the person who already won 1 grade of the Year-End Jumbo lottery continuously 11 times may win many 1 grades of a Year-End Jumbo lottery continuously twice rather than others, does God sympathize with him?
○Does God sympathize with the person who already won 1 grade of the lottery continuously 11 times may win continuously twice rather than others he is devoted to competition, and pleasure of life is missed, and a feeling shrinks and suicide is committed in the end?

○Everyone is a child of the miracle!
☆Your mind will become easy if you appreciate.  

1)Existence probability of those of 50kg in the universe
・Mass of the universe:10^53 kg [2]・・・ (1)
・Average of human weight: 50 kg ・・・(2)
・Existence probability of those of 50kg in the universe=(2)÷(1)≒10^-52・・・(3)

2)Existence probability of intelligent life in the terrestrial planets
・Mass of the earth:6×10^24 kg・・・(4)
・Earth population:7.4×10^9 people  (2016) [3]
・Average weight: 50 kg・・・(5)
・The weight of the total population:(4)×(5)=4×10^11 kg・・・(6)
・Existence probability of intelligent life in the terrestrial planets

3)Probability that one human being exists in the universe=(3)×(7)=10^-65

4)Probability winning 1st prize of the lottery 11 times continuously

5) Probability to become the most fortunate people on earth

1. The elements that make up the Earth is generated by the supernova explosion of the star which is 1.4 times or more the weight of the sun . ... Our body is made of pieces of stars.
※ Supernova explosion of 10 parsecs (33 light years) within from Earth is about once in 100 million years. (Near-Earth supernova - Wikipedia)
2. Observable universe - Wikipedia
3. World population - Wikipedia

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49 人間が存在する確率:奇跡の子 #人生

49 人間が存在する確率:奇跡の子 #人生






<計 算>
 ・宇宙の質量:6×10^53 kg [2]・・・(1) 
・人間の平均体重:50 kg・・・・(2)
 ・地球の質量 :6×10^24 kg・・・(4)
 ・地球人口 :7.2×10^9人  (2012年) [3]
・平均体重:50 kg・・・(5)
 ・全人口の重量:(4)×(5)=7.2×50×10^9 kg=4×10^11 kg・・・(6)




【参 考】
1. 地球を構成する元素は太陽の1.4倍以上の重さの恒星の超新星爆発により生成したもの。・・・我々の体は星のかけらでできている。
2. 観測可能な宇宙 - Wikipedia 
3. 世界人口 - Wikipedia 

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48 Autism #Intelligence

48 Autism #Intelligence

48-1 What is Autism?[1]
○Autism is said to be the fault in the phylogenetically older parts of the brain responsible for emotion (amygdala and limbic system)。
○The person with autism often have perfect pitch. They have accurate musical memory, but they are not impressed by the music. They can determine "beautiful", but can not cause deep emotional call.
○In addition, to understand the technical language is easy for them. And they have ability of concentration, dense thinking, attention to a single purpose, stubbornness, frankness without a lie, integrity.
○The Autism has many aspects worth. [2]

※Railway painting [3]

48-2 NEWS
○How Pokemon Go sparked 'miracle' transformation in boy with autism [4]

1.”An Anthropologist on Mars” Oliver Sacks/translation Toshiko Yoshida (March, 1997)
2.Hisashi Fukushima/Railway painting
3. Hisashi Fukushima
4.Lisa Flam” How Pokemon Go sparked 'miracle' transformation in boy with autism” at TODAT Parents Jul. 20, 2016

48 自閉症 #知性

48 自閉症 #知性

48-1 自閉症とは?[1]


48-2 ニュース

【参 考】
4.ポケGO 自閉症の子救う例も(2016年7月23日(土)掲載) - Yahoo!ニュース

47 How to Grow up with Pleasure #Intelligence

47 How to Grow up with Pleasure #Intelligence

【Point-1】Never cares to worthless things.
(1) Control Your Own Destiny
○If you have not lived your life, Who will become yourself?
○Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will.-Jack Welch(1935- )
○Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. -Steve Jobs(1955-2011)

○It is your heart to determine your happiness.
○Which is true? Lazy or impossible?
○As long as the tomato is a tomato, it is the real thing. It is fake when you try to show the tomato to melon.
○Money is not all of life, but no money is inconvenient. Convenient is better.

(2) Find out what is really important for you! Carry out the way to which your only once life be applied.
○If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? -Steve Jobs(1955-2011)
○Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. -Martin Luther(1483-1546)
○"Be who you are"・・・"Explore yourself more and more to become your own ultimately, and you express it, its expression becomes the word of God. -Tadanori Yokoo(1936 - )
(Randy Taguchi, " Island of Light Rain, Yakushima" p.195)

○It’s best to do one thing really, really well. -Google
○It's a real tear, or cop-out?
○Locate the goal, and go just straight!

(3)Don't be trapped by compete. 
Don’t have an inferiority complex. 
Don't be scrupulous. 
Merely appreciate that you are alive. 
And concentrate your power on taking out 100%!

☆Your mind will become easy if you appreciate.  

【Point-2】 Reliance upon others is useless. Reliance upon others withers your mind and you become easy to be deceived.
○When it is in dependency, the leading role of his life is not himself. Shigeki Suwa 
○"If it is made for individual to be buried into a group and these monotonous days are repeated free thinking becomes impossible, it becomes easy to start a hint, and mental regression comes." 村井翔
Source:「心理学・入門」宝島社文庫 December, 1999(p.198)
○Since imprinting [which makes it regard it as an important thing that it is not important for you] is performed through education and a home life, it is necessary to continue the correction and escape from there tenaciously.

Freedom makes people solitude.
But don't be afraid.
You cannot grow up, if you are not solitude.
It says, if you do not forget love.
Solitude and love grow up you.

○The friendship between the wise men is light like water. -Chuang-tzu (B.C.552-B.C.472)

○Criticize on the basis of alternative proposal. 

【Point-3】For grow up with pleasure, love the people, believe the people, accept the people, act for the people.
○If not, you are reduced, and would result in disaster to yourself and mankind.

○Go fishing for the happiness of the day. Make a fortune for the happiness of one year. Help the people for the happiness of life. -The extract from a Chinese proverb

○Benevolence, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom(, and Sincerity) 
※The 5 Confucian virtues
・Benevolence:To love million people in compassion, and to hold Courtesy by suppressing selfish desires.
... Chuang-tzu (BC552-BC472) was preached Benevolence the highest morality.
・Justice:To hold Courtesy by suppressing selfish desires
・Courtesy:Concrete action of Benevolence.
... Which was something that leads to identification system to the axis the patriarchy, but in modern times, it may be considered as manners.
・Wisdom:Intelligence and culture.
・Sincerity:Thick friendship, honesty.)
...That was proposed based on the five elements theory for the four virtues that Mencius (BC372? -BC289) proposed.

○Humans are mass of greed.
○Scramble leads to shortage. Share will lead to allowance. Scramble leads to hate. Share will lead to peace.
○Have a soft heart!

○ Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité « リベルテ、エガリテ、フラテルニテ »
:Originating from the French Revolution. (1790 ~)
※Fraternity:In France, charity or benevolence is class discriminatory.

【Point-4】Do not be too greedy.
☆Human becomes smaller if he is too greed. And, he becomes easy to be deceived in person.

○Even if I think that I understand myself, actually it is hard to understand. 

☆Your mind will become easy if you appreciate.・・・Everyone is a child of the miracle.

【Point-5】Be positiv!Think always about happy things.

☆To do so, please praise yourself and others daily.・・・Because the positive and negative contagious.
☆Never blame yourself!
☆To blame yourself is like making your enemy. As a result, everything becomes impossible increasingly.

☆Be positive, do it positive, give the positive!  by Studio Gooda!

Don't blame yourself.
But even you are small.
If you won't stop to blame, you'll be flour.

○Easy Mindfulness
15 minutes. Close your eyes to focus on breathing. (Rather than do not think, only focus on what is happening now in front of you.) ・・・Good to sleep.

○The brain works well when optimistic.
○It's no problem if you stumbled in your life.
○Don't mind troubles. You just alive!
○Basic of judo is passive. Judo's passive is the practice of tumbling, losing and exposing the shame in front of people.
○Don't sweat it. Not to be idle. Take care of business.
○Take care of business. Specific answer comes out if go for broke.
○How come you spent so long thinking time?Life would end!
○You are limbo when you are confused. Snap out of it!Really settle down if you put feet on the ground.

☆You must have insight and judgment not only intelligence and culture.